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Experience is the best way to be a professional.

Redefine Brands Training and Development is a B-BBEE Level 1 company specializing in human development through in skills development. Built on training and learning experiences, our core motives and mission are to provide professional and affordable training solutions to individuals, small to medium and large businesses within South Africa. Specializing in skills development initiatives where we strictly align Skills Development to the BBBEE codes of good practice, ensuring our client’s specific needs are met with a wide spectrum of courses to collaborate with companies from different industries.

Redefine Brands has its operational control in the capable hands of experienced management and professionals who apply their expertise to integrate our service with that of its clients to meet their requirements for an effective and high-quality service.

Redefine Brands training has been in the industry for the past 10 years, not only benefiting our clients but also creating shared value by developing our learners and fulfilling the true motive behind BBBEE transformation.

Redefine Brands has developed uniquely structured career programs for people with
disabilities that can guide them to employment opportunities while earning a basic income or stipend as learners. Companies that participate in these programs can earn disproportionate benefits in terms of their BBBEE Compliance. Therefore we ensure that the learners are competent for each required learnership.

The BBBEE Codes have provided extra incentives for companies that employ and invest
in the development of black people with disabilities. Another advantage of our programme
is that the client will qualify to receive the Absorption points when Learners continue their programme. There are also additional incentives for employment and development of black women and youth.

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